See examples of our work in Leeds

We know that people’s lives are better when those who deliver health and care work together.

The Leeds Health and Care Partnership (LHCP) includes health and care organisations from across the city who are working together to improve the health of people in Leeds. We understand that by sharing our knowledge and resources, we are able to make a bigger difference to people’s lives.

The Leeds Health and Care Partnership is responsible for making sure that all people living in Leeds have access to the health and social care services they need when they need them. We know that if we are to provide high-quality, safe, and compassionate services it’s important to:

  • Listen - understand the needs, preferences, and experiences of local people
  • Act – use insight about people’s needs, preferences, and experiences to improve our services.
  • Feedback – tell people how their experience has shaped the decisions we make

On this page, we outline some examples of how the Leeds Health and Care Partnership is working together to listen, act, and feedback.

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