How are you doing, Leeds?

Lead: Leeds Health and Care Partnership

Period: 7th Jul 2022 - 15th Sep 2022

The 10-week online and print questionnaire is part of a survey by the Leeds Health and Care Partnership (LCHP) of citizens’ experiences and feelings about health and care services.

Brief description of project

When we talk to people in Leeds, a consistent theme that comes out as a priority is mental health and wellbeing. We had already planned to launch a conversation with people about this and build a picture of their experiences and views of health and care services in Leeds, particularly mental health services and care. With the continuing pandemic and cost of living crisis, the partnership feels there is no better time than now to carry out the survey.

The questionnaire is available online and in print in English, Bengali, Urdu, Punjabi, Arabic and Polish. Copies in other languages are available in print. It can be accessed through a QR code or a URL. The information collected will enable LHCP to ensure the strategy meets the needs of Leeds’ communities. Initial feedback will be publicised on World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2022.

Who will we speak to? 

The questionnaire is open to everybody aged 16 and older who is living in Leeds. It is being publicised via the media, social media, at libraries and community and digital hubs, and by members of the partnership through their internal and external communications channels.

What and how will we ask?

The questionnaire asks about people’s wellbeing, whether they have used services, and their experiences if they have used mental health and care services. Everybody is asked for their views about the range and type of services available. Free-text boxes are included to provide more information if people wish to.

How can you help?

Tell friends and family about the survey and share local media stories or social media posts. Share the QR code that takes people directly to the questionnaire. Explain that they can do the survey at home or at their nearest library or community or digital hub.

Complete our survey yourself. You can do this online by clicking the QR code or getting a print copy at libraries, community, or digital hubs.

Complete the survey and share your feedback

We’d appreciate your help by sharing this questionnaire with everybody you think might be interested. The more information we get, the more we can plan, commission, and provide services to meet what people tell us they need.

If you need support with the questionnaire, please phone Healthwatch Leeds on 0113 898 0035 or 07717 309 843 on Textphone.

What will we do? 

We will analyse your responses and use them to help plan, commission and provide future services and care for people living in Leeds.

We will publish an early report on World Mental Health Day, Monday 10 October 2022, telling you about the issues you feel are most important and what we are going to do with your information. We will also tell you what we can’t do and explain why.

We will be carrying out another survey in 2023 when, as well as asking for new information, we will check with you on our progress. Asking if you have seen any improvements in services and if you haven’t, whether we clearly explained the reasons for this.

If you have any questions about this survey, please email the project team at [email protected]

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