Have your say on improving Community Neurological Services

Lead: NHS Leeds CCG

Partners: NHS Leeds CCG and LCH NHS Trust

Period: 5th Jul 2021 - 12th Sep 2021

We wanted to hear about people’s experiences of the Community Neuro Rehabilitation Service and start a conversation about what a new service could look like.

Brief description of project

The service has opted to make a change to enhance the accessibility to the service and ensure that patients are given the right input at the right time in the right place to meet their needs. The current model does not always support this. Equally, we want to ensure equity of access and reduce the waiting times that patients often face when trying to access the service. Overall, the change would allow the service to meet the needs of patients as opposed to the patient’s needs fitting the service model, ultimately enhancing a more positive patient experience as the service will have the ability to support the patient journey through the system.

The aim of the engagement was to understand people’s experiences of using the Community Neuro Rehabilitation Service in Leeds and the views of the public and wider stakeholders, in order to commission a service that meets the needs of local people.

Who did we speak to?

We spoke to 66 people in total, these included; current and past service users, carers, members of the public who haven’t heard of or used the service before.

What and how did we ask?

We asked people to share their thoughts and experiences of using the community neuro rehabilitation service in Leeds and ideas of what a new service could look like. The questions we asked patients, public and carers were all designed specifically within areas they could influence.

What did people tell us?

• People prefer to be seen in local community hospitals rather than big general city hospitals
• People from diverse communities need more assurance as to what to expect when arriving at a hospital setting
• People need to be given a range of options to access the service
• Carers, friends and families want to be more involved
• People want better communication whilst waiting to access the service

If you would like a copy of the report please contact Helen Butters on [email protected] or 0113 221 7777.

What are we doing?

The engagement report is currently with commissioners and is being used to help shape the new community rehabilitation service model.

Please see our you said, we are doing below

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If you have any questions about this engagement please contact Helen Butters on [email protected] or 0113 221 7777.

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