Adult hearing loss

Lead: NHS West Yorkshire Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Period: 5th May 2023 - 28th May 2023

Brief description of project

We are currently looking at procuring the Ear Nose Throat and Adult Hearing Loss service in Leeds. We would like to know people’s experiences of using adult hearing loss services in Leeds.

Adult hearing loss services include:

  • Hearing tests
  • Issuing of hearing aid
  • Replacement batteries and hearing aids
  • Ear wax removal services

Who will we speak to?

We want to hear from anyone living in Leeds, who has used adult hearing loss services.

What and how will we ask?

We will ask some questions about people’s experience of using the services and hearing aids. To complete the survey please click the button below.

Complete the adult hearing loss survey

How can you help?

Please complete our survey and share this with anyone who might be interested or has experienced adult hearing loss services.

What will we do?

After the engagement, we will create a short report which will be available on this website. The report will be used to help shape the next stage of the procurement process (buying) for the service.




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